Espresso & Entertainment– My Morning Routine


I have to be honest—I don’t always do a great job at going to bed on time (or sleeping well). And that means I don’t do a great job of waking up. To make easing into mornings a little smoother, I’ve established a morning routine that’s full of some of my favorite things.

First off is the way I wake up. I used to use my iPhone but found that I was always waking up abruptly and grumpy. I bought a great alarm clock that simulates the sun and birds singing. It’s so peaceful!

Then I start my favorite thing–my Breville semi automatic espresso machine. Having my own (kinda fancy) machine is an indulgence, but starting my day off with a latte every morning in the comfort of my own home just makes everything better. It may sound silly, but it makes me happy and puts me in a better frame of mind to tackle my day. Plus, I know this is sacrilegious, but I’ve never really gotten into Tim Horton’s.

While the espresso is doing its thing, I stretch. I’ve been having some tightness in my lower back lately, and it really helps to do a few targeted stretches in the morning. It just makes me feel more awake and get the blood moving, even if I only stretch for five minutes or so. It also feels like I’m doing something good for myself and starting my day off on the right foot (literally).

Next is just a few minutes of quiet time. Since the news of the day is pretty depressing, I make it a point to always read something light-hearted like Us Weekly or People—generally something pretty mindless that won’t remind me that our government is going to hell. Taking a few moments to escape the world before I dive into the seriousness of the say is really a mood-booster. Now that I think about it, this would be a good time for some trip planning, too.

After my reading moment, I finally get dressed and sometimes head to the office. On days that I have a commute, I love to pop on a podcast like Gretchen Rubin’s Happier podcast. And, although it doesn’t really fit my theme, I sometimes go for the Nerdette podcast when Game of Thrones is on TV.

All this stuff does add more time to my morning, but I find that it’s worth it because it helps set me up for a good day.