woman in forest

Hi, I’m HollyAnna, a 36 year-old Canadian just making my way through the world. I love pop culture, puppies, Canada, travel, and cooking. And of course my husband and our dog, Chance.

I volunteer with several civic organizations working on projects related to education and helping kids have a positive self image. I also own my own public relations firm, which means I get to work from home! Together, these things also mean that I don’t have a lot of free time. But I love writing, so I’ve decided to spend some of that time sharing my thoughts and adventures here along with plenty of the things that I adore about Canada and what piques my curiosity in daily life.

I decided to call this blog Full of Beans and Sausages in homage to my younger sister. It’s a bit random, but when she was in grade 1, she was given an assignment to write about things she liked. Her topic: beans and sausages. It’s quite silly, but it was all about the things that made her happy. It became one (of many) long-running family jokes. So, there you go. It’s possible that my blog will be just as random as the name, but I’ll do my best to keep it on target 🙂