Traditional English Dishes That Actually Taste Good

Fish and chips

Sometimes English dishes get a bad rap just like the English weather, which is dull and boring. This is far from the truth. The English may have some gross looking dishes (think sheep’s offal), but they do actually taste good once you get over the look. The English also gave the world the simple dish of fish and chips which is widely popular pretty much in any city across the world. If you get to London, try out these dishes.

Fish and chips
This is easily the most popular dish in the UK. You will get it in restaurants, bars, and chip shops. Some places are legendary for their crispy chips and delicious fish. Head to Anstruther Fish bar which is popular with A-list celebrities like Tom Hanks. You can review the best places for fish and chips on sites like

This dish is not very appealing to look at, and honestly, it sounds kind of disgusting, too, but after the first bite you realize why it is a popular menu item. Haggis has Scottish origins and is made from sheep offal including heart, lungs, liver, onions, spices and oatmeal. Haggis is typically served with neeps and tatties (turnips and potatoes). This dish is a favorite on Burns Supper which celebrates Scottish poet Robert Burns.

Bread and butter pudding
This meal has more humble origins in that it was a quick breakfast made by poorer families who would use leftover stale bread. The bread would be steamed, layered in a dish, added dried fruits, dipped in milk and finally baked. Nowadays, it is a favorite dessert popular with people of different social backgrounds.

Bangers and mash
The English love for potatoes is legendary. Bangers are basically sausages (pork is the most popular choice) that are fried or cooked in the oven. The bangers are served with mashed potatoes that are buttered and lathered with milk. The traditional style also served with onions and gravy. Red wine is a deserving accompaniment with bangers and mash.

Full English breakfast
This is basically a pile up of all the favorite breakfast items including eggs, toast, sausages, beans, hash browns, and pretty much whatever the plate and the stomach can hold. Just make sure everything is fresh and hot.

Bacon sandwich
The bacon sandwich is a huge breakfast favorite in the UK. It is easy to make, or cheap to buy. The best way to have it is when the buns are fresh from the oven and the bacon is still sizzling and crispy.

Cheese on toast
So this one is exactly what it sounds like. Nothing Earth-shattering. I discovered this delightful snack during a month I spent in Oxford. It became an afternoon ritual, and since I couldn’t afford much, it was perfect for me.