• The Travel | Time to breathe

    7:36am - sister in bed with baby so I can shower (bliss). 10:03am - lying on sofa, eating toast, Iris sleeping next to me, waiting for some friends to come over. Still enjoying the idea of hygge - ... Read More

    The Travel | Time to breathe
  • Travel | Meeting Great Grandad

    3:00am - feed no.1. 3:54am- still awake :( 4:31am - hurrah! She's asleep!!!! 7:00am - mini feed 11:05am - finally baby is asleep again. Although now I need to get her ready to go. Weather is grey. ... Read More

    Travel | Meeting Great Grandad
  • Travel | Day five in England

    2:02am - sometimes I just want to sleep right through these night time feeds. 3:39am - for real I do. 7:56am - oooh, that was a long stretch, maybe I sleep-fed? The perks of co-sleeping! 8:43am ... Read More

    Travel | Day five in England