• Travel | Weathering the storm

    01:39am - well done Iris. Feels like I only just went to bed, even though it was 10pm. 2:01am - still awake :( 2:45am - oh baby. Go to sleep! Goodness me, the winds from 'storm Doris' - how come the ... Read More

    Travel | Weathering the storm
  • Travel | Another day, another cream tea

    7:30am - so so tired but baby awake. 7:40am - baby going back to sleep but I am awake so I will get up.  8:00am - up, showered, Mum has made me coffee and I am now sitting on sofa ... Read More

    Travel | Another day, another cream tea
  • Travel | Uttoxeter

    7:49am - have put on three pounds and am 135lb again. Bugger. Today I must be better behaved. But (sad face) I want a feast ice cream so badly!!! 9:40am - oh my life. I borrowed a bath-bucket from ... Read More

    Travel | Uttoxeter